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I got ahold of one and have been using it for some time, so I can tell you all about it. After you read this review, you'll be able to decide if it's the right filter for you.

[If you're in a big hurry and just want to know how much it costs, you can check the current price at Amazon here or at Clearly Filtered here.]

Clearly Filtered Pitcher Key Features

Advanced Filtration Technology

Have you ever noticed how many different brands of water filter pitchers there are out there?

Many of them are private label products. By that I mean that the parts are manufactured by one company and then sold under another company's brand name.

That's not the case with Clearly Filtered.

Instead, Clearly Filtered developed their own filtration technology, which they dubbed "Affinity".

It's a proprietary blend of filter media that effectively reduces over 365 unhealthy contaminants from water.

(By the way, this is the same filter technology used in the Clearly Filtered under-the-sink water filter.)

Unique Pitcher Design

The Clearly Filtered pitcher holds two quarts of water.

All the plastic parts, including the lid and handle, are made of Medical Grade Tritan Plastic. This superior quality BPA free plastic makes it safer and more durable than other brands.

Another great feature is the "Water Dam". This keeps the unfiltered water in the reservoir from getting into the filtered water in the bottom when you're pouring. So, no more waiting for all the water to filter through before you can use any.

Clearly FIltered water dam closeup

In case that's hard to see, here's a short video of me demonstrating how the water dam works -

Two Year Warranty

Most water filter pitchers have a warranty of one to three months. But Clearly Filtered offers a two year warranty on theirs.

Asaiah Passwater, the company's President and CEO, told me that they have very few returns, and they're proud of their lifetime satisfaction rating of over 92%.

This is a company dedicated to customer satisfaction. If you ever have any problems with your pitcher, they'll make it right.

Clearly Filtered Contaminant Reduction

This filter virtually eliminates over 365 contaminants from your water.

Here's a partial list along with the reduction percentage:

  • chlorine 99.5%
  • chloramine 99.7%
  • fluoride 99.5%
  • lead 99.3%
  • arsenic 98.3%
  • chromium-6 96.9%
  • iron 99.9%
  • pharmaceuticals 99.9%
  • radiologicals 99.9%
  • herbicides 99.9%
  • pesticides 99.9%
  • microplastics 99.9%
  • BPA 99.9%
  • PFOA 99.9%
  • phthalates 99.9%
  • nitrate 99.3%
  • VOCs 99.9%
  • semi-volatile compounds 99.9%
  • cyst 99.9%
  • amoeba 99.9%
  • E. coli (bacteria) 99.9%
  • cryptosporidium (parasite) 99.9%
  • giardia (parasite) 99.9%
  • klebsiella pneumoniae (bacteria) 99.9%
  • pseudomona aeruginosa (bacteria) 99.9%
  • MS2 Phage (virus) 99.9%
  • rotavirus (virus) 99.9%

Most pitcher style filters don't remove viruses, but Clearly Filtered does. The only other exceptions I'm aware of are the ProOne water filter pitcher and Epic Nano water filtration jug.

It doesn't remove healthy minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium from the water. That's characteristic of all charcoal based water filters, and most people think that's a good thing.

You can access the independent lab test results here if you'd like to see the complete list of all the contaminants that Clearly Filtered reduces.

Filter Life and Replacement

The filter itself is good for 100 gallons. So that means it'll last for two to six months, depending on how many people are using it.

It's simple to replace. Just screw off the old one and screw on the new one.

Before installing a new filter, you should prime it according to the instructions that come with it. It's not essential, but the initial flow will be better if you do it.

Clearly FIltered pitcher filter element

There isn't any kind of indicator to tell you when it's time to change the filter. So you'll want to try to keep track of how much water you're putting through the filter.

The top reservoir holds a half gallon. So, for instance, if you fill it twice a day, you're filtering a gallon a day. At that rate, the filter will last for 100 days, or a little more than three months.

You'll also be able to tell that the filter is used up if the water starts to taste and/or smell funny.

Replacement filters are available online.

You can save 10% on replacement filters forever by joining Clearly Filtered's VIP Filter Program. They'll ship a replacement filter (free shipping) to you on the schedule that you choose.

It's a great way to save money, plus you won't have the hassle of reordering every few months.

Sign up when you order the pitcher or when you order a replacement filter at Clearly Filtered.

What Comes in the Box

When you buy a Clearly Filtered Clean Water Pitcher, you get:

  • pitcher and lid
  • one filter element
  • flushing disk to prime the filter
  • instructions
Clearly FIltered Pitcher parts

You can also buy bundles combining a pitcher with replacement filters - either three or six. That'll save you some money and save you from having to order replacements for a while.

Those bundles are available from Clearly Filtered.

Clearly Filtered Pros and Cons

Clearly Filtered Pitcher Pros and Cons

What People Like

  • Makes water taste great!
  • Fast filtering
  • Convenient size pitcher
  • Targets 365+ contaminants
  • Made in the USA
  • Long filter life
  • No spill lid
  • Excellent customer service

Don't Like So Much

  • Flap on spout sometimes sticks
  • Can't prime filter using pull-down or pull-out faucets
  • No filter life indicator
  • No fill hole on lid; have to take off lid to add water

Where to Buy Clearly Filtered

Clearly Filtered pitchers are sold online. You can check the current price and availability at Amazon by clicking here

Or, you can order directly from Clearly Filtered and have it shipped for free. You can also join the VIP Filter Program at the same time, if you like.

Clearly Filtered Discount Code

Here's another way you can save money when you buy from Clearly Filtered.

Enter the code WELCOME10 when you checkout at the Clearly Filtered website and receive an additional 10% off any new filtration system.

That's on top of the VIP Filter subscription program. What a great deal!

Verdict: Highly Recommended!

Out of the many water filter pitchers I've researched and reviewed, the new improved Clearly Filtered is my favorite right now.

It does a superb job of reducing contaminants, and the filter lasts a good long while.

I also love the new pitcher design and the fact that it's made from medical grade plastic.

And, considering that it comes with a two year warranty, you really can't go wrong with this pitcher.

So, if this sound like a good fit for you, go grab one today!

Click here to check availability at Amazon.


Click here to buy at Clearly Filtered. 

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Last Updated on December 2, 2023

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  1. our Southern West Virginia public water Company has sent us a letter stating the haloacedic levels in our tap water exceeded EPA standards. We have questions on how much haloacedic levels are reduced by using your filters

    1. Hi Deborah! I don’t have that information. You should direct your question to the manufacturer, Clearly Filtered. They may or may not have specifically tested for the substance in question.

  2. I have zero issues with any of the complaints lodged here about Clearly Filtered. They are nonsense complaints in my opinion.

  3. I have been using the Pitcher for a couple of years I was delighted to find a Pitcher filter that takes out arsenic. I have well water that is above the EPA limit for arsenic and manganese, and Clearly Filtered pitcher takes care of both of these! However,after several months of using the pitcher i did a test on both water before it ran through the filter and water after it ran through the pitcher. I found that it is not reducing arsenic by 98.3 percent as advertised, but only by about 48 percent. I contacted the company but they have not gotten back to me , very disappointing.

    1. Hi Angie! I’m curious to know how you tested it. Did you take it to a laboratory or did you do it yourself at home? What kind of test did you use? Just wondering because I question the accuracy if it wasn’t done in a laboratory setting by a professional.

  4. Not a lifetime warranty. Only 24 months.
    "Warranty Information
    In order to assure the highest quality standards possible, each order is inspected for defects prior to shipping. This makes defects incredibly rare. However, if you feel that the item is defective, it may be eligible for replacement if we determine it is due to faulty workmanship or materials. Clearly Filtered offers a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, or damage caused by tampering/misuse of the item. Should your Clearly Filtered item be damaged through misuse/unconventional use, you are able to purchase replacement parts here. Should your Clearly Filtered item or surrounding area be damaged through improper/unconventional use or failure to follow setup instructions, this warranty is void. This warranty does not include filters and expires after 24 months from the date of purchase.

    Only products purchased from are eligible for warranty consideration.

    Filtration speed, taste and lifespan are not guaranteed or covered under warranty.

    To begin the warranty process, please email us at [email protected]. We have LIVE agents available to chat via our website, Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM PST. You can also speak to an agent during the same operating hours by calling (877) 876-2740.

    1. Hi Ben! Thanks for the correction. I didn’t know that they had changed their warranty policy. It used to be lifetime. I’ll make the correction in the post.

    1. Hi D! Clearly Filtered makes no claim to remove TDS, but Zero Water does. Most pitcher filters don’t remove TDS. TDS is considered a secondary contaminant and has more to do with aesthetics than safety. I have my doubts that Clearly Filtered actually added TDS to the water. Can you share a link to where you read this?

  5. Am I only the person who finds that these filters start clogging up and slowing down to the point of being unusable within weeks, not months? Only two people are using it, and with our most recent filter, I'm looking to switch it out after barely two weeks. Having to reprime it with every other fill-up. And I live in a city known for pretty high water treatment and quality; it's not like this is water from Flint, MI or East Palestine, OH.

    1. I have the same issue. Hardly used it for 2 weeks and depite our tap water being high quality, the fliter slowed to a drop a sec. Followed their instructions and soaked the filter and re-primed but just after 2 fills it is back to the slow speed again. It is not possible to soak and prime on a daily basis. what is the solution to this problem? IS my filter faulty?

      1. Hi Shampa! You should definitely contact Clearly Filtered customer support. This shouldn’t be happening with a new filter.

    2. I have the same issues. I've struggled to use this filter for almost two years with very inconsistent results. I've had 1 or 2 filters last up to 4-5 months – it is mostly just me using it. Some have lasted 2 months, others 1 month, and this last one has only lasted 2 weeks before it slowed so much (literally overnight) that it is now taking 5-6 or more hours to complete one cycle. If I prime the filter, it seems to last up to 5-7 more days. When I prime it a second or third time, it does not help and the filter remains very slow and useless.

      I did contact customer service when this first happened and they replaced a filter for me. When I had another filter several months later last only 1 month, they blamed it on the water quality and I had to convince them that it this was not so. They replaced a second one, but with the warning that they could not do this again. I had replaced this filter after I had been using a filter for several months and it never slowed down. It doesn't make sense to me that the water supply could be so inconsistent.

      I am moving on from this filter and hopefully finding something that works better for me. The website is misleading as it says that a filter should last 6 months for individual users. I have purchased 7 filters since December of 2021 (1 included in the pitcher). I should have moved on a year ago instead of wasting more money on filters that don't last.

  6. Where on their website can you see the info on viruses/microorganisms? I clicked what you linked but didn’t find a listing of viruses/bacteria, etc.

    1. Hi Ashley! The data came from a document I have on file, “Performance Data for the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher and Filter”, dated 3/16/2018. The testing was done by Envirotek Laboratories. You’re right that it’s no longer on the CF website, and I don’t know why. One of their execs read over this post about 2 weeks ago and gave me some input. He didn’t mention this, and I think he would have if it weren’t correct. I will contact him, though, and ask him to confirm that it is still correct. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

      1. Hi Ira! Yes, I heard about Berkey’s lawsuit. It’s ridiculous. This doesn’t apply to Clearly Filtered, though.

    1. Hi Evelyn! You don’t have to wait for all of the filtered water to be used up before adding more to the reservoir. See the information about the “water dam” in the post.

  7. Great interview, Marge! I have one of these water filter pitchers and was tempted to buy a knock-off replacement filter at a cheaper price until I read your excellent review. I’ll stick with the American-made product with their medical-grade plastics and reliable filtration. I look forward to reading more of your reviews!

  8. Disappointed with the lid of the pitcher…it appears that the lid should snap on, but does not. As a result, it frequently falls off when removing pitcher from fridge…very annoying!

    1. Hi James! I’m sorry you’re having that problem. It should snap on tightly. Mine does. I suggest you contact Clearly Filtered and ask for a replacement.

  9. I have the old clearly filtered and wanted to buy the filters but that’s not available anymore. The complaints on Amazon are terrible. The customer service did not respond to most of the people. One person even claimed the product with use when it was delivered to her. Nobody monitors their social account reviews.
    The main complaint is that the picture is frequently damaged or falls apart easily. Mainly the handle. One woman could not unscrew the filter to put a new one in and the company refused to help and actually try to sell them of the products. This is not the clearly filtered I did business with for so long. It makes me want to look for an alternative.
    I disagree with your review as to filtering time. It filters SLOWly, Compared to any competitor I’ve ever used. But that is simply because it filters out more than anything else on the market! Slow is good in this case. I’m really at a loss to find something the filters so much but I have a quality container.

    1. Hi, Barbara! I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. Yes, there are some negative reviews on Amazon, but there are also positive ones. My personal experience with the pitcher has been great.

  10. I originally purchased a Clearly Filtered pitcher and filters 5 years ago. I bought 6 extra filters with the original purchase. So I used the pitcher up until December of last year when I ordered a new filter because I was on my last one. Even though I purchased only a replacement filter, I was sent a whole new pitcher with a filter. So in February I started using the new pitcher and new filter. I was quite disappointed. The new pitcher, while similar to the old pitcher is actually quite cumbersome to handle. Plus the new design is annoying with the new lid and the inner chamber where the unfiltered water is stored is difficult to remove. So far the new pitcher is a disappointment. Then there is the new filter itself. I followed directions precisely when I installed the new filter and the result was the filtered water has an off taste. I then tried soaking the new filter for a longer period – I soaked it for 12 hours. That removed the off taste but the water now tastes flat. The vibrantly fresh taste of the filtered water that I had for the first 5 years I owned this pitcher and filter, is now gone and I miss it. So I have returned to using my original pitcher and I will probably throw away the new one I got. But I have no choice on the filter itself. I want the old filters and the vibrant and fresh tasting water they produce. Fat chance I am going to get that back.

    1. Hi, Douglas! I’m sorry you’ve had trouble with your filter. Your experience is not typical, so I wonder if you got a defective one. Did you try contacting the manufacturer?

    1. Hi, Darlene! I can’t tell you who owns the company, but I’m sure if you contacted them, they’d tell you. I’ve spoken with the CEO and founder and another officer in the company, but I don’t know if they are the actual owners. I don’t think they’re being secretive. They’ve just chosen, as many companies do, to not have it on their website. Perhaps they are concerned with maintaining their personal privacy, which is certainly understandable considering the way the world is today.

  11. The filter is good. The pitcher is bad. There is a leak at the thread seal that allows a large amount of the unfiltered water to leak past and into the filtered reservoir. This goes unnoticed do to the shape of the conical filter. The unfiltered water just runs around the side of the filter and drips down along with the filtered water so you don’t see it at first. Very cheap product sold at a premium price, and this is the redesigned pitcher too. This needs addressing by Clearly Filtered as it means you are drinking contaminants unnoticed.

    1. Hi Andrew! Try flipping the gasket over and see if that creates a better seal. If it doesn’t, then I suggest you contact Clearly Filtered customer service. They’re very responsive and will make it right if you have a defective product.

    1. Hi, Candice! No, I’m afraid not. The old one used rebranded Seychelle filters, but now Clearly Filtered has their own filter for the new pitcher. It’s completely different.

  12. The main problem I’ve had with the old pitcher is the mildew that collects on the underside of the lid after a couple of weeks. I’ve read reviews from others who have encountered this problem as well, but I passed them off as people who probably live in moist environments, but alas, I soon discovered the mildew in my own pitcher as well, and I do NOT live in a moist environment. Have you encountered this issue with the new design?

    1. Hi, Dex! I’ve never had that problem, but I don’t use my pitcher for extended periods of time. I only use it when I’m traveling.

  13. How long does it take for the water to filter through ? On their website it says 15-20 minutes? That’s a long time to wait. Or has it improved with the new design?

    1. Hi, Betsy! Yes, that sounds about right. But, you don’t have to wait for all of it to filter through before you can use any. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll have enough for at least a glass of water. And, by the way, all pitcher filters take about that long to filter. Gravity filters take even longer. The thing you want to keep in mind is that the longer the water is in contact with the filtration media, the better the filter can do its work. If it went through super fast, I would question how good of a job it was doing.

    2. 15-20 minutes really isn’t very long at all. With my old style pitcher(s) – I have 2 as Clearly Filtered had deals regularly where you’d get a free pitcher – so that was one way of always having filtered water at the ready, but the time it took to filter a glass or so of water was the time I would be putting on my shoes, grabbing my coat or whatever; just needed to tweak my routine a tiny bit. Then again, I understand what you’re saying, as I’m one of those people that doesn’t have a whole minute to wait for the microwave. How many times have I stopped it with less than 5 seconds remaining?! I’ve found that it was me that needed to practice a bit more patience.

    1. Hi, Joni! The information at that link is confusing to me. It looks like there used to be a website called Perfect Water Purifier that sold an old version of the Clearly Filtered pitcher at one time. And that’s just going by the image they have at the top of the page, since there is no other information that I can find online. doesn’t even exist anymore. And it says, “the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher is manufactured by Perfect Aqua Purifier, LLC based out of Austin, TX”. The Clearly Filtered pitcher in my review is manufactured by Clearly Filtered, located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. So, we’re talking about a different product and a different company. The information in this post is up to date in regard to product quality and customer service. Both are excellent.

  14. Thank you very much for listing an alternative to Amazon! I don’t like purchasing from that source but often, an alternative isn’t given! I always prefer to support smaller businesses, if possible. Thanks again!

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