Brondell Vivaspring filtered showerhead

Are you looking for an inexpensive yet effective way to get the chlorine out of your shower?


Well, let me tell you about the new VivaSpring filtered shower head. I recently installed one in my home.

It has a classy design that looks great in the bathroom.

Even better, it filters the chlorine from the water to give you softer and healthier skin and hair. 

And what's more, it's affordable.

In fact, if you want to see just how affordable the VivaSpring is, you can click here to go check out the current price at Amazon.

And if you'd like to read more details to see if this shower filter might work for you, I've got plenty of information below.

You can click on your most pressing questions in the quick navigation below, or keep scrolling down to read the whole review.

Who makes the VivaSpring?

The VivaSpring is one of the newest offerings from Brondell, Inc., which is based in San Francisco. It was introduced in August 2017.

Brondell makes high quality healthy home products like water filters, air purifiers, and bidets.

What are the features of the Brondell VivaSpring filtered shower head?

VivaSpring filtered shower head

This shower filter has a lot going for it. Here are some its best features:

  • KDF-55 filter reduces chlorine, lead and mercury in both hot and cold water  
  • 6.5" diameter shower head with 60 nozzles for a wide luxurious spray
  • fits all standard 1/2" threaded shower arms
  • easy to install
  • filter life of 10,000 gallons
  • attractive chrome finish with choice of Obsidian (black) or Slate (light gray) face
  • well built with premium durable parts
  • adjustable angle
  • high efficiency shower head conserves water

How does the filter work?

The VivaSpring filter uses a filter medium called KDF-55. It's contained inside the shower head.

KDF-55 is a copper and zinc alloy that attracts certain mineral contaminants in the water. Some of those contaminants adhere to the KDF-55 granules, so they're eliminated from the water coming out of the shower head.

VivaSpring filter contents

VivaSpring filter showing KDF 55 medium

Other contaminants react with the zinc and copper to form compounds as the water passes through the filter. Those compounds help to prevent the growth of bacteria, scale, and algae in the shower head.

What contaminants does the VivaSpring take out of the water?

VivaSpring is certified for the reduction of free available chlorine. That's the only contaminant that it's certified for.

Free available chlorine is what's added to water supplies to disinfect it. It can cause odors, and it can also dry out your skin and hair.

Chlorine in your shower water can cause other health problems, which I wrote about in Why You Need to Use a Shower Head Filter.

Although it's not certified for the reduction of other contaminants, we do know that KDF-55 also reduces water-soluble heavy metals, including lead, mercury and arsenic. This is according to the KDF manufacturer's website.

Does it remove iron and other impurities from well water?

It might remove some trace amounts, but it's only designed to remove chlorine, lead and mercury.

If you're on well water, the VivaSpring can still improve your shower water. 

You could also use it in conjunction with a whole house filter.

Does it remove Chromium-6?

Chromium-6 is a known carcinogen that occurs in unsafe levels in two-thirds of Americans' water supplies, according to this PBS article.

The VivaSpring does not remove Chromium-6. I don't know of any shower filters that do. If that's of concern to you, then you should consider a reverse osmosis system instead.

What certifications does the VivaSpring have?

IAPMO Research and Testing, Inc. found VivaSpring to be in compliance with NSF/ANSI  Standard 177-2014 for Shower Filtration Systems - Aesthetic Effects.

That is the standard for effectively reducing or removing free chlorine in the water.

It has also been certified by WaterSenseso you know it meets the EPA standards for high-efficiency shower heads. In other words, it conserves water.

That certification means that it uses no more than 2.0 gpm (gallons of water per minute). But it still performs as well or better than standard shower heads, which use 2.5 gpm.

According to the WaterSense website, "The average family could save 2,700 gallons of water per year by installing WaterSense labeled showerheads."

That's good for your pocketbook and good for the Earth.

Is it easy to install?

Yes, it's easy to install! I did it in about five minutes.

First you insert the filter cartridge in the shower head.

Then you unscrew your old shower head, clean off the threads and apply some plumber's tape before screwing the VivaSpring onto the shower arm.


How often do you have to replace the VivaSpring filter?

You should plan on changing out the filter every 6 months, or every 10,000 gallons. It could last for a shorter or longer time, depending on the quality of your water supply.

Click here to go to Amazon and check the current price and availability of replacement filters.

VivaSpring shower filters

Here's what the filter looks like.

How can I tell when the filter needs to be replaced?

If the water flow slows down, it might mean that it's time to change the filter.

You can first check to see if there's sediment that you need to clean out of the filter. It tells you how to do it in the instruction manual.

If that doesn't fix the problem, then you probably need to replace the filter. 

To be safe, just change it every six months.

What comes in the box?

Here's what you get:

  • one shower head
  • one filter cartridge
  • plumber's tape
  • instructions

That's everything you need for installation. If your old shower head is stuck on, you might need an adjustable wrench to help get it off.

what comes in VivaSpring filtered shower head box

What are the pros and cons of the VivaSpring filtered shower head?

Here's the general consensus, based on my own observations and comments I've read online:

VivaSpring Pros and Cons

What People Like

  • makes water smell fresh
  • makes skin and hair feel softer
  • soft rain-like spray
  • conserves water
  • attractive modern design
  • easy installation

Don't Like So Much

  • can't adjust pressure
  • only certified for free chlorine reduction

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes. Brondell offers a one-year limited warranty on the VivaSpring.

Where can I get a good price on a VivaSpring?

VivaSpring filtered shower head packaging

I've seen the VivaSpring for sale at a few well known online retailers. And you can also buy it directly from Brondell.

But my recommendation is to look for it at Amazon, especially if you have Amazon Prime. 

You can click here to go to Amazon and check the current availability and price of the VivaSpring.

Verdict: Should I buy a VivaSpring filtered shower head?

If your main concern is removing free chlorine from your shower water, then I think you should give the VivaSpring a try.

It does an excellent job of filtering out chlorine - the lab tests have shown that.

The shower head looks great, and it makes that beautiful wide spray that makes you feel like you're pampering yourself. (Hey, you deserve it, right?)

You can't beat the price, especially considering that it includes the filter and the shower head. The replacement filters are inexpensive, too.

And it's a high efficiency shower head, so it doesn't waste water.

Plus you get a one year warranty from Brondell. They stand behind their product.

The main reason I'd advise against getting the VivaSpring is if your shower water has other harmful contaminants besides chlorine that you want to eliminate.

In that case, you should take a look at some of the shower head filters in my Best Shower Head Filters review.

So, if the VivaSpring sounds like the filtered shower head you've been looking for, click here to go shopping at Amazon.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free shower head in return for my honest review. All opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the manufacturer and/or its affiliates, in any way.

Last Updated on July 2, 2023

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