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Berkey or Propur? Propur or Berkey?

If you're thinking about buying a gravity water filter, there's a good chance you've narrowed your choices down to these two brands. They look similar and they cost about the same, but there are some differences that you'll want to know about. 


This infographic sheds a little light on some of the ways they differ. It compares the Big Berkey and the Propur Big since they're the most popular models and are almost the same size.

By the way, if you want to know the current price of the Big Berkey at Amazon, click here.

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Berkey vs Propur Infographic

Berkey vs Propur infographic

Both of them eliminate a whole host of contaminants from drinking water. There are way too many to list in a chart like this, so I've included just a sampling for the sake of comparison. ​

Additional Information About Berkey & Propur

If you'd like to read more details about the Big Berkey, see Top 25 Questions About the Big Berkey Water Filter.

And for more information about the Propur Big, see Propur Water Filter: How Good is It?

I hope you found this infographic helpful in making your decision.

I own a Berkey myself, but Propur wasn't around when I bought it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of them. They're both good quality filters that will give you clean, safe, and great tasting water.

If you'd like to see how Propur and Berkey stack up against Alexapure, AquaRain, and Zen Water gravity filter systems, please see Countertop Gravity Water Filters: Which is Best?

Last Updated on September 22, 2019

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