Alexapure Pro: The Affordable Gravity Water Filter

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Are you looking for a gravity type water filter that works well but won't cost you an arm and a leg?

If you are, then you need to check out the Alexapure Pro water filtration system.


It's a stainless steel gravity filter that ranks right up there with Berkey and ProOne (formerly Propur), but it costs less to buy, and it costs less to maintain.

In a hurry? Just want to know how much the Alexapure Pro costs? 

Click here to read the reviews and check the current price at Amazon.

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I've spent many, many hours researching the top selling gravity filters, doing side by side comparisons of lab test results, features, prices, and customer satisfaction. And I can say without hesitation that the Alexapure Pro is one of the best. 

In this review, you'll learn all about the Alexapure Pro so you can decide if it's the right water filter to meet your needs.

We'll take a close look at how it works, how effective it is, and where to get it for a good price. You can also find out how it compares to its two top competitors: the Big Berkey and ProOne Big+ water filters.

I'll bet you have a lot of questions about the Alexapure Pro. You can click on your most pressing question in the quick navigation below, or keep on scrolling to read the whole review.

What is the Alexapure Pro made of?

Alexapure Pro water filter system

This water filter system appears to be made of high quality materials.

First, you've got the housing. The upper and lower chambers and the lid are made of stainless steel.

Then you've got the actual filter element. It's made of a carbon block core encased in a ceramic shell infused with silver, which acts as an antibacterial agent.

The other parts - spigot, washers, plugs, etc. are made of plastic or rubber.

Where are Alexapure water filters made?

The filter elements are made in USA, and the stainless steel housing is made in India.

How does Alexapure water filtration work?

The Alexapure Pro is a gravity water filter, and the way it works is simple. 

There are two chambers. The upper chamber holds the filter element, and this is where you pour the water that you want to filter. The bottom chamber holds the purified water.

Although the system comes with one filter element, you can use up to four filters at one time to speed up the filtration process.

The Alexapure filter has a ceramic exterior and carbon interior.

The ceramic exterior shell blocks large molecules of contaminants. Silver in the ceramic prevents the growth of bacteria in the filter. 

And the carbon block filter filters out microscopic contaminants like viruses.

Gravity pulls the water downward through the filter(s) and into the collection chamber at the bottom. There's a spigot in the bottom chamber to dispense the purified water.

It doesn't need electricity, and it doesn't need water pressure to work. So you can use it at home, when you're camping, traveling, or just about anywhere!

What kind of water can I put in the Alexapure Pro?

You can put any kind of fresh water into the Alexapure.

That means city water, well water, or even water straight out of a stream or lake. So, it's great for everyday use or for emergency preparedness.

The only water you should never put in it is salt water. It'll ruin the filter.

What contaminants does the Alexapure filter remove?

Alexapure does an excellent job of removing or reducing more than 200 different contaminants from water.

Here's just a partial list of what it reduces, most up to 99%:

  • Nitrite
  • Aluminum
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Chromium-6
  • Chloramines
  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • BPA
  • MTBE
  • Glyphosate (sold as Roundup and other herbicides)
  • DDT
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • e. Coli
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Cysts
  • Radioactive substances
  • Benzene

To view the lab test results for Alexapure contaminant reduction, click here.

Does Alexapure remove fluoride?

Yes! It reduces 97.6% of sodium fluoride, 95.2% of hexafluorosilicate, and 95.1% of fluorosilicic acid. These are all forms of fluoride.

Does filtering the water change the pH?

It may raise the pH slightly, which means the water will be a little bit more alkaline. This is because some contaminants can make the water more acidic. When you remove those contaminants, it becomes more alkaline, but only by a little bit.

Other factors like the quality of the water you put into the filter can affect the pH level as well.

Does it remove beneficial minerals?

No. This type of filter does not remove healthy minerals from the water.

That means that if you have hard water with lots of minerals in it, you can still get a buildup of minerals in appliances, even with filtered water.

It also means that if you do a test of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), you're probaby not going to see much difference before and after filtering the water. But that's okay, because these minerals are not contaminants. 

The only ways to remove the minerals from your water are with a water softener, reverse osmosis, or distillation.

Is the Alexapure water filter NSF certified?

No, the Alexapure Pro is not NSF certified. However, I don't think that this in any way disqualifies Alexapure.

NSF testing is purely voluntary, and some companies choose not to go to the expense of having their products certified.

Any reputable water filter manufacturer will have its product tested by an independent lab and will publish the test results for the world to see. Alexapure has done just that.

This is more important, in my opinion.

By the way, I discuss testing and certification in more detail in my post, How to Choose the Best Water Filter for Your Home.

What's the size of the Alexapure Pro and how much does it hold?

When it's assembled, it stands 21-1/2 inches tall. At its widest, the diameter measures 8-7/8 inches.

For long term storage, the two parts nest together, and it stands just 14 inches tall.

Each chamber holds 2.25 gallons, so that's a total of 4.5 gallons.

What does the Alexapure Pro filter system include?

Here's what you get when you buy an Alexapure Pro:

  • Stainless steel upper and lower chambers
  • Stainless steel lid with knob
  • 1 Alexapure filter element
  • Rubber non-skid base ring
  • Plastic spigot
  • Rubber plugs
  • Instructions
Alexapure Pro water filter system

Are there any accessories are available for the Alexapure Pro?

Alexapure Pro water filter stand

Alexapure Pro Stand

Alexapure has a 6-inch tall stainless steel wire stand for their system.

The main advantage is that you don't have to put the system at the edge of the counter or table in order to use the spigot.

I've only found it at My Patriot Supply

You can also use the Berkey 9-inch diameter stainless steel stand. It's the same size and does the same thing. Check availability and price at Amazon.

How long does it take Alexapure to filter water?

It can filter one gallon of water in about an hour.

That is, if the top chamber is full of water.

When it's filled, the water pressure helps to push the water through faster. You'll notice a slow down as the water level in the top part goes down.

If you want it to work faster, keep the top chamber filled. One way to do that is to always replace the amount of water that you just dispensed. So, for example, if you take out a half gallon to make iced tea, put a half gallon into the top.

You can also speed it up by adding more filter elements to the system.

What kind of maintenance does the Alexapure Pro require?

The Alexapure Pro doesn't require much maintenance at all.

Buildup on the outside of the filter element can slow down the filtration rate. So, you should take the filter out and scrub it every now and then. Just use one of those scratchy green pads and plain water.

If you notice the rate of flow starting to slow down, the first thing you should do is scrub the filter. You should see an improvement, unless the filter has reached the end of its life. In that case, you'll need to replace it.

You'll also want to clean the inside of the bottom holding chamber every few weeks. Dish soap and a sponge will do. Just make sure to rinse it thoroughly.

And wipe off the outside of the unit as needed.

How long does the Alexapure filter element last?

It's good for up to 5,000 gallons. That's about 2-1/2 to 3 years for an average family of four.

Of course, if you add more filter elements, you won't need to replace them as often.

What's the cost per gallon for filtered water using the Alexapure Pro?

The lowest price that I can find for the replacement filters is $94.50. When you divide $94.50 by 5,000 gallons, you get about 2¢ per gallon.

That doesn't include the initial cost of the system. It's the ongoing cost for the filters.

Where can I get Alexapure replacement filters?

You can check for the availability and price of Alexapure replacement filters at Amazon by clicking here.

Also check for them at My Patriot Supply. But, if you only buy one from My Patriot Supply, you'll probably have to pay for shipping.

Shipping is free with qualified Amazon Prime purchases.

Alexapure vs Berkey: What's the difference?

There isn't a huge difference between the Berkey and Alexapure gravity filters. Both are made of stainless steel and function in the same way.

But there are some important differences. Here are the main ones:

Filter Element

They both use a carbon block filter, although Alexapure's is encased in a silver-infused ceramic shell. Berkey's is not.

Contaminant Reduction

Here they're almost equal, with a few notable exceptions, namely:

  • Glyphosate (ingredient in Round-up) - Berkey 75%; Alexapure 99.9%
  • Lead - Berkey 99.9%; Alexapure 96.4%
  • Fluoride - Berkey requires an additional filter; Alexapure does not

Filter Life

Alexapure has the edge when it comes to filter life.

Each Black Berkey filter is good for 3,000 gallons, and each Alexapure filter is good for 5,000 gallons.

However, you always use at least two filters with Berkey, so that's actually a 6,000 gallon life for a basic system. But you could put two filters in an Alexapure, and that would be 10,000 gallons.

Cost of Filter Replacement

The cost of replacing two black Berkey filters versus one Alexapure filter is almost the same. Berkey is about $10 more.

Also consider that if you want to remove fluoride from your water, Berkey requires additional fluoride filters that must be replaced every six months. That's going to run you around $100 per year.

Alexapure filters out fluoride without needing an extra filter.

System Price

Finally, there's the price of the system. The Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey are comparable in size, but the Alexapure costs about 25% less than the Berkey.

If saving money is the biggest issue for you, I would recommend going with Alexapure. It's almost as good as Berkey, but it's more affordable.

Alexapure vs ProOne: Which is better?

Alexapure and ProOne are stainless steel gravity filters that look and act almost alike.

Here's how they're different:

Filter Element

Both have a carbon interior with a silver-infused ceramic exterior. However, ProOne's is granular activated carbon (GAC), and Alexapure's is a carbon block

There is a difference between GAC and solid block carbon filters.

Both start out with ground up particles of carbon.

In GAC filters, the carbon is left in a loose granular form.

Carbon block filters are made by further grinding and compressing the carbon into a solid block.

Because the carbon block filter is much less porous than the GAC filter, it's more effective at blocking the tiniest contaminant particles. The water also stays in contact with the filter for a longer time with the carbon block, which means a better chance of reducing contaminants. 

The denser composition of a carbon block filter means that it gets clogged up faster, though. So it needs to be cleaned or even replaced more often.

You can read about the pros and cons of both types of carbon filters here

Contaminant Reduction

In terms of contaminant reduction, Alexapure and ProOne are almost equal. The main differences I can see from the lab test results are:

  • Lead - ProOne 100%; Alexapure 96.4%
  • Radioactivity (Gross Alpha) - ProOne 81.6%; Alexapure 96%
  • Radioactivity (Gross Beta) - ProOne 84.1%; Alexapure 97.8%


ProOne comes with a stainless steel spigot.

Alexapure comes with a plastic spigot.

Filter Life

Alexapure filter elements have a much longer life than the ProOne ones do. ProOne filters needs to be replaced annually, while the Alexapure can last up to 5 years, depending on usage.

A pair of ProOne filters are going to run you about $140 per year, while the Alexapure filter is just under $100. Since it can last for several years, Alexapure is the clear winner when it comes to ongoing filter replacement costs.

System Price

Not only are the Alexapure filter elements less expensive than ProOne, the initial cost of the Alexapure system is also less expensive.

The MSRP of the ProOne Big+ is $279, while the Alexapure Pro is only $197. This includes the filter elements - two with ProOne and one with Alexapure.

I do want to point out, though, that the ProOne Big+ is larger and holds three quarts more water than the Alexapure Pro does. So you're getting a bit more stainless steel for your money with ProOne.

How much does the Alexapure Pro cost and where can I buy it?

I would recommend buying it either from Amazon or My Patriot Supply.

Amazon for the usual reasons: free shipping with qualified Amazon Prime purchases, great return policy, and safe and secure ordering.

Because retail prices are subject to change at a moment's notice, I don't include them in my reviews. But you can easily check the price with just a click.

Check the current price of the Alexapure Pro at Amazon by clicking here.

Some people prefer to buy directly from the manufacturer. That's what you're doing if you buy it from My Patriot Supply

Sometimes you'll find good deals on bundles at My Patriot Supply. For example, at the time of this writing, they're throwing in a free filter stand when you buy a filter system. Or you can buy the system with extra filters at a reduced price.

And My Patriot Supply has free shipping on orders over $98.

Click here to check the current price and special deals at My Patriot Supply.

Does Alexapure have a warranty?

Alexapure has a 45-day No Questions Asked Guarantee on the water filter system, if it is unopened.

After 45 days, or for opened products, they say, "we will review your return request on a case-by-case basis."

Now, I did contact Alexapure via live chat and asked them about their warranty.

I was told "We stand behind Alexapure Pro products one year for manufactured defects and you can find the warranty information and return policy (at) MyPatriotSupply here." And I was given the link to the 45-day No Questions Asked Guarantee.

This sounds reasonable, but this "one year standing behind the products" is not specific and does not appear anywhere on the website. I would prefer to have it spelled out in writing.

This isn't a deal breaker, though, in my opinion. I understand that their customer service is great, so I wouldn't let it stop me from buying it.

What are the pros and cons of the Alexapure Pro?

I have read lots and lots of online reviews by people who have bought the Alexapure Pro. The overwhelming majority of them are positive, but there are a few complaints here and there.

So here's a summary of the common likes and dislikes...

What People Like

  • Affordable
  • Long filter life
  • Doesn't require electricity or water pressure
  • Makes water taste great

Don't Like So Much

  • Slow filtration rate
  • Plastic spigot

Verdict: Should I buy an Alexapure Pro?

I've gotta say, I'm impressed by the Alexapure Pro water filtration system.

Alexapure has managed to make a high quality, effective filter while keeping the cost down so that most people can afford it. That's quite an accomplishment!

I like that it has a single filter that also removes fluoride along with all the other contaminants. The long filter life and lower cost of filter replacement are big pluses.

The biggest negative to me is that it only reduces lead by 96.4%. That might sound nitpicking, but there really is no safe level for lead in drinking water. However, if you don't have a problem with lead in your water, it's a non-issue.

Overall, I think the Alexapure Pro is an excellent choice for anyone who wants safe drinking water that tastes clean and fresh, too. Whether you want a filter for daily use or just to have on hand in case of an emergency, you can't go wrong with this water filter system.

Check the price and availability at Amazon by clicking here.

Head over to My Patriot Supply to check for any special deals.

Still not sure if this is the right gravity filter for you? Check out my other top picks in this post: Countertop Gravity Water Filters: Which is Best?

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